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Random Killing-Re-Issued (1993 Punk Rock ,contains explicit lyrics.)

This CD is a collection of our "vintage killing." It is a re-release of two of our vinyl discs "This Whole World" (12" - 1989) and "Take our Flag" (7" - 1985). It spans a number of singers and drummers. V. Dumpster starts off the disc (1989), Rodney Wastelands does the 2nd half (1984-1988) and the last track introduces Drool (1990 to present).
Released in 1993 by Raw Energy Records this CD consists of two previously
un-released songs , "Borrowed Time" which didn't fit onto the "Kicked in the Nuts" (1990) 7 inch and "Pull the Switch" which didn't make it onto "take Our Flag" 1985

In 1988 Pull The Switch reached #19 on Poland's Radio IV "best punk songs of all time"


"Basically a compilation of the bands pre-Raw Energy releases including 1985's "Take Our Flag", two tracks off European compilations, 1989's "This Whole World" and a previously unreleased track with current vocalist Drool.
Tracks 1-8 make up the "This Whole World" release with the bands second vocalist V. Dumpster handling the singing chores. Lots of intentional humour ("Kill Your Parents" & "Subway Suicide") is shown and this is much more aggressive than the traditional punk sounding tracks 9-15 when Rodney Wastelands handled the vocal chores. Dumpster at times sounds similar to current vocalist Drool, but isn't quite as good.
Tracks 9-13 are "Take Our Flag" which seems a little bit dated today, but gives us a glimpse at what RK "could" have been. I myself am glad they didn't stick with Wastelands cause he's got that whole British punk whine going on and it gets a tad annoying at times.
Tracks 14 and 15 are Wastelands again, yipee skippy!
It all ends with "Borrowed Time" a quick, aggressive snapper with Drool at the mic. It's the best song here and a sign of what was to come."
by Chris Hartley

Reissued (CD,Cassette)
Just a note to remind you that Random
Killing is The Best Hardcore Band ln
Canada, which makes ‘em the best in
the goddamn world as far as l‘m
concerned. This is their early stuff-
much of it available elsewhere (as the
saying goes) but probably impossible
to find if you weren't around Toronto
in the 80‘s, and definitely impossible
to find nowadays. It's kind of a history
of the band and all the stuff is still
cool even when they had their singer
doing his Johnny Rotten impression.
The only thing better than owning this
is owning their new CD or seeing
them live. (Raw Energy).
EQ Magazine
Montreal PQ
J .D. Head

RANDOM KILLING — Re-issued — Raw Energy Records
D. Parker
I love this band! wild, hard, hot, fast, loud.
loose, obnoxious, crazed, painted, raving beasts!
Masters of time/space & dimension, punk rock
monsters! And that line from their song: "Big
Rock Star“...''re so hot, you're so rock,
that mic is just an extension of your c**k‘ has
made me a fan for life. This release is a
re-issue, hence the title: Re-issued. Guess
that's for those who need more direction than
others. Tracks 1 - 8 were previously released on
This Whole World ('89; v. dumpster, primal
screamin' then); tracks 9 — 13 are from Take Our
Flag ('85; Rodney Wastelands, voice & Billy Clubz
on skins); 16 & 15 are from those funky European
releases we all spend so much on & 16 is
"Borrowed Time" ('90. drool as mouthpiece & what
a'good mouthpiece he is). You gotta have this one
But remember, before you "K111 Your Parents", do
you have suitable replacements lined up, after
all, it would be a shame not to be prepared..-
D. Parker
"Fringe Benefits"
London Ontario


released June 6, 1993

Recorded: 1984 - 1990
v. dumpster - vocals (tracks 1-8)
rodney wastelands - vocals (tracks 9-15)
drool - vocals (track 16)
mudd - bass
rusty talent - guitars
deadbeat - drums (tracks 1-8, 16)
billy clubz - drums (tracks 9-15)



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Random killing Toronto, Ontario

Random Killing is a Canadian punk rock band from Toronto, who were assembled initially as a joke in 1984. Their original name was Roy's Comrades, which was a nod to the hated Roy McMurtry, Attorney General of Ontario at the time. After writing a few decent songs, the band decided to record and stay together. In 2013 they were listed in the top 10 Punk bands of all time from Toronto. ... more

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