Take Our Flag

by Random killing

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Michael F.
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Michael F. For a supposed joke band, RANDOM KILLING have the whole BLACK FLAG/CIRCLE JERKS thing down pat. This 7'' sounds amazing, and these canucks were pretty frickin awesome in their own right, though they aren't mentioned with the same sanctity as fellow countrymen D.O.A. (they should be). Great record... Favorite track: Drunk Driving.
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Random KIlling-Take Our Flag- (1985 Punk Rock ,contains explicit lyrics.)

This was the bands first record and released on their own label Aardvark Records.
# 7 Top 10 Toronto punk 7-inches


Vinyl45LP Review : If you didn't know better, upon first listen you might think this was Black Flag or Circle Jerks but the guitar solos are a dead giveaway that Greg Ginn isn't in this band. However, if you like early (Keith or Dez era) Black Flag, you'll like Random Killing.


released December 12, 1985



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Random killing Toronto, Ontario

Random Killing is a Canadian punk rock band from Toronto, who were assembled initially as a joke in 1984. Their original name was Roy's Comrades, which was a nod to the hated Roy McMurtry, Attorney General of Ontario at the time. After writing a few decent songs, the band decided to record and stay together. In 2013 they were listed in the top 10 Punk bands of all time from Toronto. ... more

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Track Name: Take Our Flag
in bed with Reagan that's where he is
just another matter of a new love affair
going to take our flag, going to give it away
going to take our flag, going to run it up the pole
Brian and Ronald sleep together
Brian and Ronald take our flag

pretends he cares about acid rain
when all he really cares about are weapons in space
Brian is quiet when Ronald speaks
know that he will sleep better if he is

giving away our natural resources
like throwing money on race horses
Brian is blind to what Ronald does
Ronald pulls the covers over his head

no America North
Track Name: Terrorist Attack
he comes from a country with many problems
wants to spill his blood on the rest of the world
thinks he has the right to end our lives
even though his fight is half a world away
standing in the airport, waiting for a flight
the bomd goes off, the lights go out
blood and debris surround your face
terrorist attack, he's got a gun/bomb
terrorist attack, he's having fun
terrorist attack, he's got a gun/bomb

he comes from a country with many problems
wants to spill his blood on the rest of the world
thinks he has the right to end our lives
he pretends we haven't heard his cries
he is in pain and wants to inflict pain on the rest of the world
takes his flight from east to west
how can we stop this terrorist
Track Name: It's Ok
it's okay if you want to be a slave
do a mindless job for a nothing wage
get fucked up and you throw it away
wake up tomorrow, you do it again
it's okay, it's alright
go through life, don't put up a fight

it's okay if you want to be a slave
do a mindless job for a nothing wage
wait until Friday, get your pay
go out that night and drink it away
Track Name: Drunk Driving
business man gets paid on Friday ends up in a bar
he's smart enough and drunk enough to jump into his car
walking through the parking lot, thinks of all the beers he has tasted
jumps into his car even though he's fucking wasted
drunk driving murder
drunk driving, it's murder

six young lovely teenagers coming from a dance
not looking for trouble just looking for romance
heading up to a lover's leap to try and have some fun
drunk driver, wrong side, kills them one by one

get them to the hospital where blood samples are taken
they get them all mixed-up and the blood sample is mistaken
drunk driver gets away with the insurance policy and his life
half a guilty conscience and a new fur coat for his wife
Track Name: Stealing Food
how much money goes to charity, how much of your money spent
how much goes to feed a nation of to the purpose to which it was meant
most of it goes to the fat man, the guy with his stomach full
it goes to line his pockets, his mansion and his swimming pool
stealing food from Ethiopians
to line the pockets of businessmen

giving money to a starving nation, or paying for a businessman's vacation
how much money really goes to the poor, they're like scavengers...
now new wave bands do the same, Bob Geldoff finally got some fame
enhancing thier careers, so what can you do
but tonight thank God it's them instead of you